Canterbury University students support KSG

(Written by a year 2 PEPA student from Canterbury Christ Church University)

Foundation Degree Physical Education and Physical Activity students host the Kent School Games.

On Tuesday the 25 June, over 650 children from 50 different schools within Kent joined Christ Church Foundation Degree Physical Education and Physical Activity studentsat the University’s facilities at Polo Farm to celebrate the diversity of the Kent School Sport Games.

The Kent School games featured the finals of tri-golf and disability football, which was led by the degree students, as well as cricket, panathlon and active health.

Bronwyn Toms is a student on the Foundation Degree and her year 2 Physical Education and Physical Activity group oversaw the organisation of the disability football finals, creating suitable rules and the way the pitches were going to be constructed, with assistance of the Football Association.


Bronwyn said: “It was very inspirational to watch the children with disabilities mix with others and come out of their comfort zone. The way they behaved towards each other and the sportsmanship they showed was just delightful and heart-warming to see. It was so important that everyone felt included and part of the team, and it was a very successful event.

Kent Sport Games features within the Inclusion and Adapted Physical Activities module of the Foundation Degree course. Bronwyn added: “We were able to apply the theory we had learnt in our module to this large practical event. It was such a great opportunity for us and expanded our knowledge of the ways of football could be adapted for all children. We had a significant impact on the children. This is because one of our core aims was not focusing on the winning- getting the medal at the end, but promoting teamwork, inclusion and enjoyment.”

After they finished their last game, one of the children told Bronwyn that “she had loved the day because I have been able to play with my friends and meet other people like me.”

Bronwyn said: “This shows how important events like these are. We were delighted to be able to support and facilitate the Kent Sports Games as some of the children may not have met other children with their disability before and meeting them through a sport, or something they love, may just give them a push in the right direction to become more sociably open and participate in life long physical activity.


“We would like to thank our University tutors for their patience and trusting us with such a big task, Lauren from the FA for all the guidance and dealing with our endless questions, and the children, for being creative, passionate and engaged. It was a very successful and special day.”

Bronwyn is planning on continuing onto the top up BA hons in Physical Education and Physical Activity course and plans to complete a 4th year to complete her teaching qualification.  Completing this route has enabled her to work and study at the same time, allowing her to develop and complete her degree.

For more information about the foundation degree, please contact: [email protected] 

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