Girls Orienteering Year 7

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Event description


·         Team relay. Each team of 4 should be split into two pairs. The first pair will go to the assigned control using the map to navigate around the venue.

·         Each orienteering control will display a unique QR code. Teams will need to scan the QR code using their Smartphone/Tablet/iPad etc.

·         Once scanned, a question will appear on the screen and the group need to answer this question and note down the answer on the answer card.

·         Pairs will then get this verified by an event coordinator at the answer desk. If the answer is correct they will be handed a code which they will need to note down on their code sheet.

If the pair have provided the wrong answer then the pair will be asked to go back and discuss with their group. It may be the case that the pair answered the question wrong or went to the wrong control. If the pair went to the wrong control then they will be instructed to go back to find the correct one. 

·         Once this is completed the next pair will go to the next control and complete the same process.

·         Once all controls have been correctly answered and codes given, teams will have an anagram to decipher.

·         The first team to decipher the anagram correctly will win that category.

·         This event is a part of the School Games #reframingcompetition making sporting experiences and competitions more inclusive, positive and enjoyable for children and young people. We hope the alternate and modern twist on this event attracts girls to participate.