Primary Mixed Basketball

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Sports Rules

Regular rules of basketball apply with the following exceptions:

§  Each game will start with a ‘jump ball’

§  Winning teams will get three points; losing teams will get one point. Tied games will result in two points for each team.

§  Teams not on court for the jump ball will result in zero points for the game. This is at the discretion of the court officials.

§  ‘Man-to-man’ defence must be played at all times

§  Substitutions may occur during a stoppage in play at any time

§  Games will be played on full basketball courts using regulation height baskets size

§  Adjusted scoring will be used: A made basket will be 2 or 3 points (as per normal basketball rules).  A shot which hits the rim (regardless of how many times it hits the rim) but does not go in, will be worth1 point.  It will be treated as a made basket.

§  Referees and officials will call fouls; their decision is final.

§  All fouls will be taken out on the side lines.

§  There is no limit to the number of team or personal fouls in each game.

§  Event organisers will have the final decision on any disputes.