Cancelled- Quicksticks Hockey


Event description

TEAMS A squad consists of six players (3 Boys and 3 Girls) of which four are outfield players (2 Boys and 2 Girls) and two are substitutes. All players must rotate with two players on the bench at the end of each playing period. There are NO Goalkeepers in Quicksticks.

FESTIVAL COMPETITION FORMAT Quicksticks is a game of three periods (5 mins max) with a change-interval of 1 minute between each session. Each game will last no longer than 20 minutes. See Full Rules for game officiating in the ‘Resources’ section of the website.

A full size astroturf pitch is available and a maximum of eight Quicksticks pitches will be placed on one pitch. Two pitches per quarter, with goals on the sidelines and back-to-back in the middle of each quarter.